Longarm quilting services


Prices are based on overall density of stitching. I charge by the square inch, so to estimate a cost multiply the height of your top by the width in inches. Then multiply that by the price level.

Minimum charge is $50.


  • Standard density (most pantographs) – $0.015
  • Dense pantograph or hand driven all over design – $0.025

You can look through the designs I currently have on offer


Custom quilting is available, contact me to discuss your thoughts.  Prices start at $0.035 per sq. in.


Please size your quilt back to be a minimum of 4 inches larger than your top on all sides.  If you seam your backing fabric, I recommend trimming out the selvage from the seam allowances and pressing your seams open to get it to roll as flat as possible on the frame.  You do not need to remove all selvages from the outer edges of your quilt back.

Any preparatory work required to be done (fixing open seams, pressing, seaming backs) will be charged at $20 per hour (in 15 min increments).  A quick squaring-up trim of your back may be done to ensure the best load of your quilt on the longarm frame.  This is complimentary.

If you have a preference in how the back should be oriented with respect to the top, please make sure to note this clearly, ideally with tags pinned to your items.


If you need your quilt back in a hurry, please let me know that right from the start.  I consider a quilt to be “rush” if the turn around time is less than 20 days for a custom, and 10 days for edge to edge. PLEASE NOTE: I have limited availability of rush slots and will not guarantee that I will be able to accommodate your schedule.  If this is the case, I will let you know prior to accepting your quilt. Rush fees of $20 for custom or $10 for edge-to-edge may apply.


I have batting available for your convenience.

  • Quilter’s Dream 100% Cotton Select (medium) weight in white – $12.60/yd
  •  Warm & Natural – $10.90/yd

I may have other types of batting in stock periodically and I’m always willing to order a special batting from Quilters Dream for you, so please let me know if you would like something different.

You are, of course, free to provide your own batting as well.


I charge for thread by the bobbin consumed.  You can generally expect to have approximately 10 bobbins consumed for a twin sized, moderately densely quilted quilt.

  • Standard thread selection (Superior So Fine #50 or Glide #40) – $1.00/bobbin
  • Cotton thread (Aurifil 60wt.) – $1.25/bobbin
  • Varigeated (Superior King Tut 40wt.) – $2.00/bobbin

I have thread color cards available for you to choose a color if you desire, just ask.  In general, however, I will make every effort to match the color of thread to the color of fabric.  My recommendation is that the bobbin and top threads be the same for the best overall appearance.

Final Finishes

I also offer some optional post-quilting services.


Normally, I will return your quilt to you untrimmed.  If you desire, I can trim your quilt and return all trimmings to you.  I will trim your quilt to the same size as your top by default, if you want the trim to be done 1/4″ larger than your top, please let me know.

  • Quilts less than 6500 sq. in – $10
  • Larger quilts – $15


  • Preparing double fold binding from customer provided fabric yardage – $15
  • Attaching double fold binding – $0.10/linear inch
  • Finishing double fold binding with hand stiching – $0.15/linear inch

The Fine Print

  • All fees are due upon delivery of the final quilt.
  • Prices given do not include WI sales tax.
  • All prices given are subject to change without notice.